Paige enjoy’s working with families one-on-one to help them build their farm family succession plan. As a professional facilitator, she offers a neutral, third party perspective and will keep the succession plan moving in a productive direction. She has personally been through two farm transitions and understands the gravity of the decisions being made, the complexity and importance of familial relationships and the importance of integrity.

Facilitators are needed in a variety of situations which include, but are not limited to:

  • starting the process or re-charging the process of building your succession plan.

  • guidance regarding options of how the family farm can be transferred to the next generation.

  • resolving conflicts that arise within the family.

  • building a partnership or corporation.

  • making decisions about the future of your operation.

  • improving communication among managing or owning partners within a business.

  • preparing documents that can be taken to an attorney or CPA.

If you have any questions about her services or how she can help your family, please contact her to set-up a FREE one-hour phone consultation!