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Paige believes in personalizing all presentations to the needs of the audience.  Please contact her to discuss how your goals and objectives can be met!


Farm TRANSITIONS: The Good, the bad and the in-laws

Learn about navigating the challenges and enjoying the process of a family farm transition.  Paige will share tips for a smooth transition and lessons learned through her personal farm transition experiences as well as the experiences of other farm families.  This session is full of passion and motivation for participants to walk-away feeling empowered to move their own succession plans forward.

Educating Consumers Using words we all understand

GMO, Organic, Grass-Fed.  The list of words used to describe food is endless and hard to interpret.  It is important that science-based information is utilized when having discussions with consumers.  Learn about the science of our food and how to describe practices and processing to our consumers in laments terms so trust is built allowing for an increase in demand of our agriculture products.

Leaving and Building a Legacy

Each generation involved in legacy planning has excitement and anxiety.  The younger generation is eager to find their place in a family operation and they are anxious about their future.  The asset-holding generation is eager to have help and a new, fresh outlook (and back) to tackle projects on the farm; they are anxious about financial security and if their legacy will be continued with the same hard work, dedication and quality they invested.  Ways to bridge the goals of each generation and ways to shift leadership and responsibility to the next generation will be highlighted by personal stories and concrete strategies to use every day on the farm.

The confused Consumer

Genetic engineering is a topic that is confusing and hard for consumers to understand and hard for those connected to agriculture to describe as they simply don’t have the science background and understanding to educate those that are fearful of our technologies.  Gain a better understanding of GMOs and how we can advocate and educate consumers.  


Interacting with consumers is essential for the farming and ranching community to stay connected with the individuals who will be consuming their food, fiber and fuel.  Many of those involved in agriculture have been told to share their story and open their gates, but is this enough to gain far-reaching consumer confidence?  Learn how to successfully connect with consumers to build trust by utilizing new and existing networks.

focus on the future

The most powerful group of consumers is now the millennial generation.  Learn about how we must evolve our marketing and individualize our products so they appeal to the generation with the most expendable cash.  Empower yourself to build trust and connect with consumers who are the most removed from the farm, but also have the most buying power and connectivity!

connecting agriculture to poverty, obesity and food insecurity

Understanding the connection between agriculture and food security allows producers to connect with consumers using a platform that has relevance in rural and urban communities.  Biotechnologies, antibiotics, and growth promotants all play a significant role in feeding our growing population.  You will learn about their use, their connection with the future of food security and processes that are in place to ensure the safety of our food supply.