Paige J. Pratt

Consumer Trends + Succession Planning + Advocacy


When your audience experiences a presentation, they will find Paige:

1. intertwines personal experiences with action steps to take home and use in family business or advocacy efforts,
2. relays passionate, humorous and relatable examples that will empower them,
3. delivers education that is thought-provoking, fun and engaging. 


The Reviews Are In:


"Wonderful presentation!  Everyone needs to hear what you said!" --Angela

"Your talks were a hit and our members appreciated your insight!" -- Director, New Mexico Farm Bureau 

"Absolutely the very best!  Paige did a phenomenal job of education on a very personal level!" --Crystal"

"Wonderful!  Our family is going through so much of what you said!" --Dianne

Very relevant, very real! Captivating and so very knowledgeable! Makes subject matter easy to understand and delivers so well! Loved it!
— Virginia Farm Bureau Women's Conference Attendee

"Very informative!  She really pulled me in and kept my attention!" --Sara

"Very inspiring - lit a fire in me to help promote agriculture properly!" --Margaret

"I wish my family could have heard this!" --Kara

"I thoroughly enjoyed Paige Pratt and all of her sessions!  She spoke of very important topics in agriculture these days!" -- Illinois Farm Bureau YF&R Conference attendee



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