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What makes Paige so impactful:

Dr. Paige Pratt delivers her message with passion, excitement and first-hand experiences.  Audiences will gain insight from her years of farming with family, her personal experiences with their family farm transition, and her ability to take scientific topics and turn them into conversational pieces. 

Advocacy for agriculture and teaching others how to advocate for the industry is Paige’s passion.  Part of the continuation of the agriculture industry is building strong legacy plans and working together as a family to ensure a successful future for the farming or ranching operation.

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Paige and her husband own and operate Pratt Cattle Company and raise purebred Angus cattle in Southwest Virginia.  Their operation focuses on environmental stewardship, high quality animal care, and producing high quality bulls and females for their customers utilizing the latest genetic technologies.  Paige has a B.S. in Animal Science and a M.S. in Educational Leadership from Kansas State University and a Ph.D. in Animal Science from Texas Tech University. 

Those attending the speaking engagements that Paige presents leave empowered and excited to make changes!  She connects with the audience on a personal level and allows them to gain insight and understanding while finding humor in the stories shared.


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Family farm transitions can be filled with challenges and rewards.  Tips for a smooth transition will be discussed as well as the personal farm transition experiences that the presenter had during their family farm transition.  Learn how to identify if the asset-holding generation is ready, the process of developing from a laborer to a leader, who the experts are that need to be involved, and how to improve communication among the generations leading to successfully building a legacy that will be valued rather than divided.


Paige J. Pratt Advocacy Training


With less than 2% of the population in the farming profession, it is imperative to share our story and engage in meaningful conversations with those who rely on our food, fiber and fuel, but have no connection to the farm.  Paige will teach participants ways in which they can be effective and impactful in advocating and how to connect with the millennial generation who are making the majority of the food purchasing decisions. 


Paige J. Pratt Agriculture Efficiencies

Understanding Agriculture Efficiencies

GMO, Organic, Gluten-Free, Grass-Fed.  The list of words used to describe food is endless and hard to interpret.  It is important that science-based information is utilized when having discussions with consumers.  Learn about the science of our food and how to describe practices and processing to our consumers in laments terms so trust is built allowing for an increase in demand of our agriculture products.